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The Enrichment Index Revolutionizes the Way We Live Our lives !

Welcome to the Enrichment Index (Ei), a revolutionary way to identify & measure what matters TO YOU & the people around you. The Ei is part of a comprehensive system you’ll enjoy using for years to come. It works because it's customized for everyone & changes as you do. Click on Objective & Activities to view your day in a different way. Click on Ei Categories & Index to see enrichment categories, sub-categories & the Ei in action. Click on Ei Potential & Action Plan to look at effective ways to increase your index & create your own customized action plan.

To get started, click here > What's My Ei & for the first time, you'll have your own index that can also be created for your family, friends, employees, or students. Welcome to Smart Enrichment !

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Life Enrichment Index
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